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The ultimate choice in home and building automation, Vantage will revolutionise the way you live your life and the time you spend inside your home.

New Home Technology

Can Help You Take Control

Picture this. You are driving home after a manic day in the office. The gates swing open. As you approach the garden lights turn on, welcoming you to your front door. Inside, the Jacuzzi is already bubbling and the air temperature is set to a balmy 18 degrees.

Jazz will be the soundtrack to your evening and already the soothing sounds of Miles Davis are filtering through each room, with the mood lights set to low. Tomorrow you will be flying to Switzerland for that weekend ski break.

A quick touch of your iPad and the heating, fireplace, and hot tub are primed for your arrival at that sweet little chalet in the Alps. But for now, just turn the house to sleep mode and let your head rest easy until the morning.

The Vantage home automation system is all about peace of mind. Your comfort, well being and security are all taken into account with its multi-faceted control technology.

Ideally suited to time-poor individuals with a jet-set lifestyle, the touch of a button controls pretty much every aspect of every property you own – from the heating and security system, to the music in your child’s bedroom and even the coffee machine in your kitchen.