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Let us take you on a guided tour through a Vantage home and show you the unlimited possibilities offered by Vantage home automation.



Vantage takes care of everything for you, according to your wishes and lifestyle, all for your living enjoyment.


With Vantage, there's no more walking around at night to lock all entrances and windows or set the alarm. You just touch one button and you will have a well-deserved night's rest. You can set the lighting to switch on if the alarm goes off, or to dim when it's turned on, so even if you're away on holiday, it looks like someone is home.

You can even watch your security cameras on your phone or computer, allowing you to keep a close eye on all your properties wherever you are in the world.

Lighting Control

Thanks to motions sensors, everything happens automatically. Vantage can even make use of existing motion sensors, such as those already present as part of the security system. As soon as you walk into the entrance hall, the lighting increases up to 90% of maximum brightness, then the lights dim automatically once you have left a room.

You can also use the timer to activate the lighting, for the comfort and security of the occupants. Or you can always operate the lighting manually with the keypad, set a specific brightness or program the holiday function.

User Interfaces

The Vantage system gives you full control over every aspect of your home, allowing your existing technology to seamlessly integrate. With our vast range of keypads and fully customisable colour touchscreens, you can create the perfect setting at the touch of a button.

If you’re away from home, want to check in on your yacht, or ready your holiday home then our iPad and iPhone Apps allow you the same level of control wherever you are in the world.

Heating Integration

Vantage makes sure your home is heated in the best possible way. The temperature can be regulated fully automatically: by the timer, the alarm system or by a combination of both. The temperature can also be regulated per area, with an individually regulated thermostat in each room.

And are you planning to leave for your weekend home on Friday evening? With one touch on your iPad or a simple SMS, you can regulate your heating system so that you will find a pleasant temperature as soon as you walk in.

Audio Visual Integration

One touch of an icon on the touchscreen is enough to turn your lounge into a cosy TV room: lights are dimmed, there’s a comfortable temperature, the surround system starts up and the movie begins.

You can select radio, CD player, MP3, or even command your Windows MediaCenter. The audio system can be programmed entirely according to your wishes, whatever mood you’re in, you can select your favourites from your own personal music libraries.

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